May Day 2017 Report

Happy May Day!

IMG_0060.JPGThe Revolutionary Cascadian Communist Movement (RCCM) experienced a successful and inspiring International Workers’ Day (a.k.a. May Day) celebration in downtown Portland recently. Over two-thousand people were estimated to have attended the rally and march. Several dozen communist and RCCM flags were handed out to appreciative comrades. We were glad to see several other groups and individuals who showed up with their own communist flags and flyers. There were several strong themes among participants, including anti-war, open borders, anti-fascism, workers’ rights, and internationalism. After several years of attending this event, we noticed that this year there was a substantial increase in interest in our message and in a communist movement in our region.



IMG_0052 edit.jpg


Later on in the march, the police used a minor disruption from a few individuals in the back of the march as a pretext to launch an indiscriminate attack on all of the peaceful marchers. The police abruptly canceled the march permit in the middle of the march, causing mass confusion as many marchers could not understand the police as they barked unintelligibly through their distorted loudspeaker to clear the streets. As people were struggling to cram onto the sidewalks, the police assaulted the peaceful crowd—including old folks and people with small children and dogs—with tear gas and stun grenades. In a panic, people rushed to find an exit as they coughed and choked. Obviously, the police are more interested in protecting the current power structure than keeping citizens safe.


These disgusting acts from the police are further exacerbated by the lying corporate media who have laughably reported that “Molotov cocktails” were thrown at the police to cause the cancellation of the permit. In contradiction to this ludicrous narrative, absolutely no videos, photos, or eyewitness reports exist of Molotov cocktails being tossed, and there have not been any reports of injured police. On the other hand, many innocent marchers and bystanders were blatantly traumatized by the indiscriminate police violence.

Despite the rude police assault, the RCCM considers this May Day a success. We look forward to working with the many new comrades that we met and collaborating with other groups. Long live Cascadia and Communism!
Red Salute, comrades!
– The Revolutionary Cascadian Communist Movement



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