The Revolutionary Cascadian Communist Movement (RCCM) is a project to promote revolutionary thought and analysis within the Cascadian bioregion with the goal of creating a world where all humans are liberated from all systemic oppression and exploitation, a world where the global ecosystems thrive with biodiversity and humans live in balance with the natural environment.

RCCM wants to create an egalitarian and sustainable society, a peaceful and just society, a society without unnecessary suffering brought about by greed and lust for power. RCCM wants to protect the world’s ecosystems, including the great bioregion of Cascadia, with the understanding that human life depends on the well-being of the environment.

The Revolutionary Cascadian Communist Movement works toward these two primary goals:

1.) The creation of an egalitarian society and the elimination of all forms of class division, systemic oppression and exploitation, in Cascadia and globally.

2.) The protection and rehabilitation of the Earth’s ecosystems, in Cascadia and globally.

With these goals in mind, the Revolutionary Cascadian Communist Movement aims to:

  • Build class consciousness and environmental consciousness
  • Build a culture of egalitarianism, cooperation, and mutual aid
  • Build a culture of resistance to all forms of oppression (imperialism, colonialism, exploitation, sexism, racism, national and religious chauvinism, youth oppression)
  • Promote and foster bioregional awareness and ecologically-centered culture
  • Build a culture of resistance to environmental destruction
  • Support liberation and self-determination for all oppressed peoples
  • Support the global united front against imperialism, primarily against US imperialism
  • Promote critical thought and personal discipline

RCCM views the following things as essential to a healthy future for humans and the environment, and promotes these ideas accordingly:

  • Development of intelligent resource and energy management systems
  • Development of technological infrastructure in balance with the natural environment
  • Development of sustainable and high-efficiency agriculture and food production
  • Development of closed-loop, high-effiency production, distribution, and waste-management systems
  • Development of sustainable energy technologies
  • Development of universal free education
  • Development of universal free healthcare
  • Replacement of intellectual property ownership with open-source information sharing
  • Replacement of private land ownership with public ownership
  • Prevention of resource overconsumption
  • Dismantlement of environmentally destructive extraction industries
  • Dismantlement of nuclear energy and weapons industries, beginning with the United States
  • Dismantlement of consumer culture, cyclical consumption, and planned obsolescence
  • Eventual elimination of the monetary system
  • Replacement of capitalism with a system of shared access to resources for all the world’s people

If you agree with these principles and want to get involved in building a better Cascadia and a better world, send us an email at: RedCascadia@protonmail.com


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    • We support the total dismantling of settler states and the right to national self-determination for all indigenous nations. We think the only way for this to happen is for all oppressed peoples and their allies to unite under one banner and wage a global people’s war to defeat capitalist-imperialism.

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